Frequently Asked Questions

If we haven't answered your questions here, please reach out! Our Guides are happy to assist. Send us a chat, or email us at: support@ruby-car.com

What is RubyCar?

RubyCar provides a comfortable and convenient purchase experience. We put you in the driver's seat to confidently browse, review and purchase the vehicle that perfectly meets your needs. We've removed the unnecessary steps in the process, creating the smartest, simplest way to purchase your next vehicle. Ruby-Car.com saves you time and provides you everything you need to discover the perfect used car.


What kind of vehicles do you sell?

We sell accident-free, pre-owned, low-mile vehicles that have been meticulously maintained, inspected and upcycled by Avis technicians.

What if I want to return my car?

You have 7 days or 300 miles (whichever comes first) to ensure your RubyCar is right for you. If it isn't, we can help you exchange it for another vehicle of your liking or provide a refund of the purchase price.


What does "personalized payments" mean?

When you first visit Ruby-Car.com, the posted rates and monthly payments for each vehicle are averages, not based on your individual credit score and down payment. These estimates are designed to provide you an estimate of your monthly payment. Your actual monthly payments can vary based on your personal credit. Personalized payments provide estimates of your monthly payments, enabling you to see financing details for most vehicles, including:

Down payment



Local taxes and fees

Like pre-qualification, getting your personalized payments does not affect your credit. Unlocking your personalized payments is quick and easy. It takes just a few moments to provide some basic information. Personalized payments are estimates based on limited information you provide. It does not constitute an offer or commitment to provide credit or financing. Eligibility for credit and actual payments are based on the results of your credit application.


Can I finance my vehicle on Ruby-Car.com?

 Yes, Ruby-Car.com allows you to apply for and select the right auto loan for you.


Do I have to finance my vehicle on Ruby-Car.com?

 No, but RubyCar customers usually prefer financing through our financial partners with competitive rates.

Can I negotiate a vehicle's price?

 No, we've removed that pain point by competitively pricing our vehicles so you can enjoy a haggle-free RubyCar experience!

Can I trade in or sell my car on Ruby-Car.com?

 You can only trade-in your vehicle when purchasing a RubyCar.

What is the RubyCar trade-in process?

 You receive direct access to the Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer, a trade-in valuation tool built into our eCommerce Site. Just enter your vehicle details to instantly obtain a value.

Can I trade in more than one vehicle with my purchase?

 Only one vehicle can be traded in per purchase.

What if I owe more than my trade-in is worth?

 This means you have negative equity. You can still use it to finance a car on Ruby-Car.com, but it may affect the terms of your rate and loan.

What if Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer is unable to give me a value on my trade-in?

 You must have a rare or unique trade that stumped our algorithm. Please call us at 1-800-789-0095 and we will assist you with your trade-in options.

What does "Sale Pending" mean?

 You may occasionally see a vehicle labeled Sale Pending, meaning another customer is currently placing an order on it. However, if that customer does not continue with the purchase, the vehicle will be released back into our available inventory.

Do all RubyCar vehicles come with a Warranty?

 All RubyCar vehicles come with a 12-month/12,000-mile (whichever comes first) limited powertrain warranty. Inquire with RubyCar for details.

Do you offer additional vehicle coverage plans?

 We offer a range of Aftermarket Product Protection Plans that can offer you additional peace of mind.

How does vehicle registration work?

 In most cases, we can handle the necessary title and registration paperwork with you at the time of delivery. We then work with the DMV to complete the registration process.

What information do I need to have when I trade in my current vehicle for a RubyCar?

 You will need the following information:

Your KBB Instant Cash Offer certificate 

Your vehicle title - If you don't have a title because your car is financed, bring your lienholder information.
        If your car is leased, check with your leasing company to find out what paperwork they require. 

Your vehicle registration 

A valid driver's license or other government-issued photo ID 

All keys, keyless remotes and manuals 

Service and repair records

How do I take delivery of my vehicle?

 Upon completion of your purchase, a RubyCar Guide will contact you to schedule delivery or pickup. We make it easy, the way online car buying should be.

Is delivery included?

 You can opt to have your RubyCar delivered to you. All fees are applied at checkout and can be included in your vehicle financing.

Do I need to have an inspection on my vehicle after RubyCar delivers it?

 While we have conducted an extensive inspection on all of our vehicles, the state and local regulators in which your vehicle is to be registered likely requires you to have it inspected after you take ownership. Rest assured, our Guides are here to assist you with this unavoidable step.

Can RubyCar help with vehicle financing?

 Absolutely! Our team offers a wide range of financial resources and lenders to our customers.

Is an online offer a real offer or estimate?

 Your KBB instant cash offer is the real deal, and we will gladly swap your current vehicle with a RubyCar.

When is my down payment due?

 Your down payment is made at time of purchase through our online payment portal, where you can make safe, secure payments directly from your bank account. You will need your account number and routing number to complete this step.

Can I use a credit card for down payment?

 A credit card can be used for down payment for up to $2,500.00 when paying cash for your RubyCar or when using an outside lender. A credit card cannot be used for down payment when financing your purchase with a RubyCar lender.

Is buying online the only way to buy from RubyCar?

 Yes, we have simplified the car buying experience and streamlined the process to provide certified, like-new vehicles, competitively priced to market.

How long does my appraisal remain valid?

Your appraisal is valid for 7 days or 500 miles.

What if I have a vehicle to trade?

 We use the power of KBB to appraise your vehicle with an instant cash offer. This can do this now, or complete this step after you select your RubyCar.

If I have a trade, when will it get picked up?

 When you take delivery of your RubyCar.

What is GAP protection and what does it cover?

 GAP stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection. If your car is declared a total loss, you can protect yourself financially by avoiding the gap between the declared value of your car and the balance of your loan. GAP waives covered losses up to $50,000.

Can I use a co-buyer? 

 Yes, you can add a co-buyer to your pre-approval.

What is included in the 150 point Inspection?

You can view a sample of our inspection form HERE.